Introducing the Dynamic Plan Designer from Dynamis

Show your expertise and win new business with the Dynamic Plan Designer. Dynamis customers present employers with smarter plan design options and close business faster--often in just one meeting. Beat the competition by modifying plans face to face and showing the impact of plan design changes immediately.

Regardless of new levels of complexity in benefits planning, the Dynamic Plan Designer ensures that Producers and Account Managers are spending the majority of their time taking care of customers and prospects. That means you'll retain more business, too.

The Benefits of Dynamic Plan Design

The Dynamic Plan Designer works with groups of all sizes.

Are You Prepared to Deal with Community Rating?

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Premium Complexity

The complexity of CR premiums significantly increases the amount of number crunching required--that means the spreadsheets you're using are more dense and complex than ever. Complex premiums lead to a lot more confusion, work and re-work.

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More than Averages

Using only premium cost averages to present options to employers isn't enough. Employers want to see employee premium information presented both ways: as averages and as individual premiums.


Carrier Inconsistencies

In most states, carriers provide small group quotes in different ways: list billing, composite billing, spouse and children, age banding, dependents as individuals, total premium and more. Dynamis provides one view for all groups.

Fill your pipeline with our marketing materials.

Dynamis provides everything you need to win more business and streamline renewals with the Dynamic Plan Designer, from educational videos to compelling case studies to effective email campaigns. Plus, we'll brand our materials to your agency for a personalized experience.

See the results from agencies like yours.

Without Dynamis, we wouldn’t have the new business that we have today. In the last 8 months, we’ve written $80,000 plus in new revenue that I would attribute solely to Dynamis. I can’t imagine us losing any clients that have signed up with us (since we started using the Dynamic Plan Designer).
— Tony Kahmann, Benefits Utilization Consultant Waldo Agencies, Inc.

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